How to wear shoes

Date of publication:2020-04-28
Light casual shoes: round head or small square head casual shoes are comfortable and clear, generally made of such materials as scalp, calfskin and frosted leather. If you advocate fashion and don't want to lose your lady style, it will be your best choice! Clog style sandals, those three centimeter high heels on the wooden floor can step out like a zither. If they are matched with a Chinese style long skirt with shoulder straps, it looks like a typical oriental beauty.
Boots: boots are generally divided into long boots, medium boots and short boots, which are suitable for matching with jeans, leggings and other tight and thin pants. They are not suitable for matching with Western pants and wide pants. In addition, high boots with more decoration and fashionable style are only suitable for individual high leg length
For women with good-looking legs, short skirts are the most free and easy to wear, while short boots are particularly suitable for middle-aged women and professional women. Whether wearing skirts or pants, short boots are more stable and mature.
Classic women's shoes: with classic feeling and all kinds of women's shoes, they are deeply influenced by mature women in the city, which exactly corresponds to their plump but still curvy figure, as well as their exquisite and beautiful jewelry and exquisite clothing!
Women's shoes with thick soles: Women's shoes with thick soles look thick, stupid and heavy. One of the reasons why many women are fond of them is that they can help them get physical meaning and height, and make them "outstanding" in the crowd.
Dress matching
A tuxedo with a pair of high heels is perfect, because when you increase your height, everything will be better. Your weight is highly dispersed and your posture becomes more attractive, so you look slimmer.
Color matching
1. If you choose to wear stiletto or flat heels, it's better to use pointed shoes or some decorations to fill the heel.
2. If you really can't find the shoes that match the dress, consider the shoes with metallic luster.
3. Warm color dresses like pink, coral, orange and cream are most suitable for matching with gold, bronze, red copper and light green.
4. Purple, blue, gray, and white are cool colors that will shine with silver.

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