How to maintain shoes

Date of publication:2020-04-28

General method
1. Buy shoes that fit your feet, or they will deform easily and hurt your feet.
2. Clean shoes regularly and wipe them gently with a wet cloth; do not brush them violently.
3. If the shoes are wet, keep the appearance of the shoes in the newspaper, and let the shoes dry naturally to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking.
4. Shoes should avoid contact with solvent, acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive substances.
5. Maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes, and let the shoes take turns to rest.
6. Casual shoes and sandals are not suitable for intense sports.
Subdivision method
1. Fetal cow leather women's shoes: clear leather grain, smooth feel, elastic leather; treatment method: Shoe Polish
2. Soft cow leather shoes and Napa cow leather shoes: soft and firm leather, not easy to cause wrinkles at the flexed parts; treatment method: Shoe Polish
3. Suede cow leather and suede (cashmere) women's shoes: soft and elastic leather, strong air permeability, foot protection and perspiration; treatment method: soft hair brush, Qiong leather water agent; suitable for wearing under good road conditions, not easy to wear in rainy days.
4. Sheepskin women's shoes, clothing leather sheepskin women's shoes; soft leather, comfortable to wear, air permeability

Women's Shoes
Strong, protect shoes and perspiration; treatment method: colorless shoe polish, can not be treated with brightener, it will make the leather surface hard and cause skin damage; it is best to wear it under the condition of good road condition and environment, if it can be worn once every two days.
5. Women's cloth grain sheepskin shoes: straight and elegant, comfortable to wear, the leather surface is not easy to change and wrinkle;
Treatment method: it can be treated with the same color or colorless shoe polish, and the glossiness is better with matte; it is normal that there will be slag dropping when wearing.
6. Leather and sheepskin women's shoes: clear leather lines, smooth feel; treatment method: oily shoe polish.
Wearing tips: slight discoloration is a normal phenomenon. When wearing, the ambient temperature is above - 15 ℃. It is better to wear under the conditions of good road conditions and environment
7. Anti fur women's shoes (frosted leather): the leather body is thick and soft, the surface color, fluff and leather grain are natural, not pay attention to symmetry and consistency, and the personalized taste needs to be appreciated; treatment method: gently pat the dust and mud along the direction of the sponge, and then wipe the marks with a half dry towel, which can be applied with the same color frosted care agent. In general, the nursing should be carried out naturally without care.
8. Waxed leather shoes for women: they have clear pores, smooth hand feel, no coating on the surface, are not easy to die pleats when wearing, have strong air permeability, protect feet and sweat; treatment method: wipe back and forth vigorously with white wax or colorless shoe polish, and it is normal that the color of the leather surface will deepen; they are relatively high for wearing environment and storage conditions, and it is difficult to repair mildew when wet. Avoid mildew, avoid water, use shoe polish when the leather surface slightly dark.
9. Smooth leather shoes for women: (also known as horse oil leather): soft hand, smooth surface, leather containing grease is not easy to mildew, not easy to produce bacteria, no smell; treatment method: soft cloth, leather cleaner (but can not use shoe oil or brightener, etc.); there are natural wrinkle and discoloration effect, and the color of each part is not the same. The wearing environment temperature is above - 15 ℃.
Women's smooth leather shoes May 11, 2013
10. Women's shoes with frosted oil skin: water resistant, wear without deformation, high oil content in leather, not easy to mildew, not easy to produce bacteria, no peculiar smell; treatment method: dry white cloth \ it can be used for a long time to dip a little refined food oil with soft white cloth to wipe and recover as new.

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